Honda recalls over 175,000 Civic models over steering rack issue

Hoda Civic 3 (

Hoda Civic 3 (

Potential safety concern prompts action from the automaker.

Honda has initiated a recall affecting 176,410 Civic vehicles spanning the 2022-2024 model years due to a steering rack problem that could lead to excessive wheel movement, potentially causing damage. The issue first came to Honda’s attention in July, following a notification from their supplier, Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc., regarding a potential manufacturing defect. After a thorough investigation in September, Honda determined that this problem could impact occupant safety.

The heart of the matter lies in the assembly of power steering racks with an incorrect stroke length, allowing the front wheels to turn excessively, posing a risk of damage. If the wheels turn too far, there’s a possibility that the tires might sustain damage from the lower suspension arm, or vice versa, neither of which is a desirable outcome.

The consequences of this issue extend beyond damage alone. If the tires are damaged, there is an increased risk of a puncture, heightening the chances of an accident. Additionally, in the event that a Civic equipped with snow chains damages the tie rod end, it could disrupt the vehicle’s handling, further elevating the risk of an accident.

This recall poses a unique inconvenience for affected owners since the vehicles in question had previously undergone service repairs. While the specifics of the prior service repair are not detailed in Honda’s recall report, it’s worth noting that the Civic was under investigation for “sticky” steering issues in March. However, this issue had only triggered a regulatory investigation and had not reached the level of a recall. Starting December 4, Honda will be contacting owners of the affected four and five-door Civics, requesting them to return their vehicles to a nearby Honda dealer for inspection and, if necessary, the replacement of the electric power steering rack.

In conclusion, Honda’s proactive recall underscores the automaker’s commitment to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of their customers. The potential risks associated with the steering rack issue have prompted this responsible course of action to rectify the problem and keep Civic drivers and passengers safe on the road.