Miami Grand Prix’s unique “Grand Tour Experience” brings a fresh dimension to Formula 1 racing

Fans fill out a grandstand (

Fans fill out a grandstand (

In its third year of racing action at the iconic Hard Rock Stadium, home to the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, the Miami Grand Prix is introducing an exciting and innovative way for spectators to immerse themselves in the world of Formula 1. The “Grand Tour Experience” offers fans a choice of three different grandstands, each providing a unique perspective on the on-track F1 and support race action. This dynamic approach aims to enhance the overall racing experience, and it’s just one of several exciting changes taking place this season.

For Sunday’s main race, ticket holders can select the grandstand that best suits their preferences, with three compelling options available. These include the thrilling view of the action at the start from the Turn 1 Grandstand, the high-speed left-hander at the Marina Grandstands, and the strategic overtaking zone at the end of the back straight, visible from the AutoNation Grandstand at Turn 18. This variety allows fans to choose the vantage point that excites them the most.

What sets the “Grand Tour Experience” apart is the opportunity for fans to also witness the practice and qualifying sessions on both Friday and Saturday from two different grandstands. This multi-day access ensures that fans get a comprehensive view of the racing action and adds a layer of excitement leading up to the main event on Sunday.

Moreover, ticket holders gain entry to the general admission Miami Campus, which provides access to the 300 level of Hard Rock Stadium. This privileged location allows fans to observe the F1 Paddock’s team village, immersing themselves in the behind-the-scenes world of Formula 1.

Tom Garfinkel, the managing partner of the Miami Grand Prix and president and CEO of the Miami Dolphins and the stadium, shared his enthusiasm for this unique approach. He explained that the aim is to provide fans with an unparalleled and engaging racing experience, making the most of the iconic venue.

In addition to the “Grand Tour Experience,” this season has seen another innovative use of the facilities. The Miami Dolphins organization has repurposed the F1 garages for gameday premium hospitality experiences, known as the MIA Garage Tailgate. These 1,600 square foot, air-conditioned garages provide a luxurious space for up to 50 people, complete with covered parking for vehicles.

The garages offer the ultimate VIP tailgate experience, with amenities like grills, bartenders, couches with TVs, and even a store where fans can purchase marinated meats to cook on their grills or have them prepared by a chef. This indoor, air-conditioned tailgating experience adds a special touch to gameday festivities.

Furthermore, the Paddock Club building has been repurposed for pre- and post-game hospitality, creating a space where fans can relax and enjoy the game in comfort.

Garfinkel emphasized the fan-centric approach in all these changes, aiming to provide something unique that fans won’t find elsewhere. Tailgating in the United States is a beloved tradition, and the idea of hosting it indoors in an air-conditioned environment enhances the experience. The MIA Garage Tailgate and members lounge in the Paddock Club provide a bespoke and premium environment that adds significant value to the overall fan experience.

The Miami Grand Prix continues to evolve, bringing together the excitement of Formula 1 with innovative ways to engage and delight fans, thus creating a racing experience like no other.