Rumors circulate about a 1,000-HP Rivian Ascent with a two-motor powertrain

Rivian R1 (

Rivian R1 (

Prototypes have allegedly been popping wheelies in early testing.

A recent thread on the Rivian Forums has sparked speculation about an upcoming powerhouse in Rivian’s lineup. The user, going by the name larrydallas, claims to have inside information about a 1,000-horsepower version of the Rivian R1T and R1S, set to hit the market. According to the source, this model, dubbed the Ascent, will sport a two-motor powertrain, a deviation from the current quad-motor setup producing 835 horsepower. While exciting, some experts urge caution, advising to take these claims with a grain of salt.

The alleged Rivian Ascent is slated for a 2024 launch, promising a blend of power and aesthetics. Reports suggest it will feature distinctive blacked-out badging and improved aerodynamics. However, the most jaw-dropping assertion revolves around the pre-production prototypes. These early models are purportedly so robust that they’ve been causing the front wheels to lift off the ground when launched from a standstill, a claim that has raised eyebrows among automotive enthusiasts.

One element casting doubt on these claims is the technicality of achieving such feats. Rivian’s current flagship models rely on four electric motors, each dedicated to a wheel. While the addition of extra power is not implausible, generating an extra 335 horsepower, as suggested, is a formidable task. While tri-motor setups, like those seen in Tesla’s Plaid models, have exceeded 1,000 horsepower, Rivian’s challenge is to achieve this milestone with a dual-motor configuration. Questions also linger about the fate of the quad-motor models, should the Ascent prove successful.

However, one claim that appears less plausible is the assertion of wheelies. Forum users have dissected this notion, highlighting significant challenges in the physics of such an event. A wheelie necessitates an exceptional level of traction, a condition seldom met by road-legal vehicles. The few cars that have achieved this, like the Dodge Demon, were using specialized tires on a prepped drag strip. Given the low center of gravity due to the R1’s battery placement, it’s unlikely that the Ascent would be capable of such an extraordinary feat.

In conclusion, while Rivian’s foray into a 1,000-horsepower model is within the realm of possibility, the means suggested – a dual-motor configuration and wheel-popping power – remain speculative at best. Rivian undoubtedly has exciting developments in store for future models, and if the Ascent materializes with any of these claims intact, it would be a remarkable achievement. For now, it’s prudent to regard these reports as intriguing rumors, awaiting confirmation or refutation.