Ultra-rare 1986 Ford RS200 evolution rally car emerges with just 370 miles

Ford RS200 Evolutions (carbuzz.com)

Ford RS200 Evolutions (carbuzz.com)

This left-hand-drive rally legend, part of an exclusive 24-unit run, is now available for discerning collectors.

A pristine 1986 Ford RS200 Evolution, a coveted gem among homologated Group B rally cars, has surfaced for sale on Bring A Trailer. With a mere 370 miles on the odometer – 60 of which were added by its present owner – this exceptional vehicle stands as a testament to its rarity and impeccable preservation.

Key Points:

Provenance of a legend: Originally purchased brand new by Formula One driver Innes Ireland on behalf of a Texan philanthropist and oil tycoon, this left-hand-drive RS200 Evo is steeped in motorsport history. It passed through the hands of esteemed race engineer Terry Hoyle, renowned for his expertise in classic cars.

A rarity within a rarity: The RS200 Evo hails from the iconic Group B era, a pinnacle in rallying’s history. Conceived as a limited 200-unit homologation run, only 148 were ever produced. Ford, in a twist of fate, created 24 RS 200 Evolutions on road-legal chassis in preparation for the 1987 season after Group B’s dissolution.

Evolutionary enhancements: The Evolution model brought a host of performance improvements, including enhanced cooling features, upgraded AP Racing brakes, an advanced twin-coilover suspension system, and additional engine intake ducts. Its 2.1-liter turbocharged engine surged to an impressive 600 horsepower, a notable boost from the original RS200.

Engineering marvel: The RS200 Evo boasts three limited-slip differentials and distinct straight-cut gears, delivering a signature auditory experience.

Exclusive opportunity: RS200 Evos are exceptionally rare finds. With a current bid of $180,000, this example presents a compelling opportunity for collectors who recognize its unparalleled historical significance.

The emergence of this 1986 Ford RS200 Evolution onto the market is an extraordinary occasion for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Its impeccable provenance and remarkably low mileage make it a beacon for those seeking to own a piece of rallying history.