Citroen reveals affordable e-C3 electric supermini with quirky design

Citroen EC3 (

Citroen EC3 (

Citroen introduces its electric e-C3, a quirky and budget-friendly supermini with a starting price of $24,643. The company is also set to launch a more affordable electric variant in 2025, starting at $21,133, while keeping the legacy of the petrol-powered Citroen C3 alive.

Citroen has unveiled its new e-C3, a fully electric supermini that combines crossover styling elements, comfort, and affordability. Priced at $24,643, the e-C3 is designed to be a budget-friendly option in the electric vehicle market. In addition to its electric offerings, Citroen has confirmed that it will continue producing a petrol-powered Citroen C3, maintaining the legacy of its predecessors.

The European e-C3 model shares many design cues with the Citroen New C3, which made its debut two years ago and is already available in India and South America. While their greenhouse, profile, and proportions are almost identical, the European e-C3 features a redesigned front end and a slightly different rear, inspired by the Oli concept. Some highlights include new LED headlights and taillights that introduce Citroen’s fresh lighting signature, along with the supermini’s new oval emblem.

Compared to the outgoing Citroen C3, the e-C3 features a boxier and more rugged design. It stands tall with an upright stance, sculpted bodywork, and offers generous ground clearance at 6.4 inches. This combination of elements gives the e-C3 the appearance of a B-SUV rather than a small hatchback. The e-C3 is slightly larger than its predecessor, being 0.75 inches longer, 0.24 inches wider, and 3.1 inches taller.

Inside, the e-C3 maintains a strong focus on comfort. It features an Advanced Comfort Suspension system with double progressive hydraulic stops, offering a smooth and comfortable ride, akin to a “flying carpet ride.” The car also boasts Citroen Advanced Comfort seats with extra foam for added comfort on long journeys. The spacious cabin includes a 10.25-inch touchscreen for infotainment, a new flat-bottom steering wheel with integrated buttons, and numerous storage compartments. Physical climate controls have been reintroduced, replacing the integrated touchscreen controls.

The e-C3 is powered by a 111-horsepower electric motor connected to a 44 kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack, providing a range of up to 199 miles. It supports 100 kW DC fast charging, which can take the battery from 20% to 80% in just 26 minutes. In addition to the e-C3, Citroen plans to introduce a more affordable electric variant in 2025, priced at $21,133 with a shorter range of 124 miles. The company will also offer a petrol-powered Citroen C3, further expanding the options for potential buyers.

The Citroen e-C3 will be manufactured at the Stellantis’ Trnava plant in Slovakia and is scheduled for release in European markets in the second quarter of 2024. The starting price of $24,643 aligns with the target prices of upcoming competitors, such as the Renault 5 and VW ID.2, making it a competitive choice in the affordable electric vehicle segment.