Genesis XV concept envisions a bold and sporty SUV to rival the Lamborghini Urus

Genesis XV (

Genesis XV (

In a remarkable independent design endeavor, a talented automotive designer from South Korea, Younghyun Jo, has introduced the Genesis XV concept. This concept aims at delivering a captivating blend of style and performance, directly challenging high-performance SUVs like the Lamborghini Urus. While Genesis has not officially announced such a model, the XV concept brings a fresh and ambitious vision to the SUV category.

The Genesis XV concept pushes the boundaries of design and performance, aiming to be a powerful competitor to the Lamborghini Urus Performante. Although it is improbable that Genesis will produce such an SUV in the near future, this concept showcases the possibilities and the dreams that designers can explore.

The Genesis XV’s design is striking and more aggressive than existing Genesis models. The front fascia boasts LED headlights with a distinctive shape, reminiscent of the brand’s other concepts like the X Speedium Coupe and X Convertible. The 3D mesh pattern in black on the front grille further emphasizes its extroverted character.

The side profile of the Genesis XV features eye-catching wheel arches with a jagged, aircraft-inspired design. Instead of conventional side mirrors, it utilizes slim cameras. Angular lines and creases add to its bold appearance. Notably, the XV is a two-door SUV with C-pillars formed by two thick triangles, creating a unique design.

The rear end is consistent with the bold styling of the entire vehicle. It showcases full-width LED light bars, black accents, and a 3D mesh pattern. A standout feature is the transparent element on the hood, which reveals the orange high-voltage cables rather than an engine, symbolizing its electric powertrain.

While the Genesis XV is a captivating design exercise, it remains speculative whether Genesis will bring such a concept to reality in the near future. Nevertheless, the XV concept showcases the potential for dramatic, high-performance SUV designs beyond traditional boundaries.