Volvo EM90 electric minivan spotted early, shares platform with Zeekr 009

Volvo EM90 MInimav (

Volvo EM90 MInimav (

Volvo’s highly anticipated EM90 electric minivan made an unexpected early appearance through photos released by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Set to officially debut on November 12, the EM90 shares its platform with the Zeekr 009, a model that premiered last year.

The EM90 minivan closely resembles the Zeekr 009 in terms of body panels, greenhouse design, and overall proportions. Notable distinctions include distinct alloy wheels, with sizes ranging from 19 to 20 inches based on the trim level. The minivan showcases a distinctive front fascia, incorporating signature Volvo elements such as Thor’s hammer LED headlights, a covered grille, and distinct bumper intakes. The rear design features T-shaped taillights with chrome accents and prominent Volvo lettering.

While interior photos are not yet available, it is anticipated that the EM90 will share components with the Zeekr 009, including a three-row, six-seater layout, high-quality upholstery options, and advanced technology features.

According to Chinese documents, the EM90 measures 5,206 mm in length, 2,024 mm in width, and 1,859 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 3,205 mm and a curb weight of 2,763 kg. Compared to the Zeekr 009, the EM90 is slightly longer and taller.

The EM90, built on Geely’s SEA platform, is powered by a single rear-mounted electric motor producing 268 hp. This differs from the Zeekr 009, which boasts dual motors with a combined output of 536 hp. The minivan’s top speed is electronically limited to 180 km/h.

The battery pack, manufactured by CATL Geely, likely employs NMC (nickel manganese cobalt) technology, similar to the Zeekr 009’s 116 kWh unit. With rear-wheel drive, the EM90 may offer an extended CLTC range compared to the AWD-only Zeekr 009, which promises 702 km of range. There’s speculation about the potential availability of the larger 140 kWh CATL Qilin battery pack in the future, further enhancing the minivan’s driving range.

The Volvo EM90 will be manufactured in Zhejiang, China, and further details are expected to be unveiled during its official debut on November 12.