1995 Audi A6 Buggy with RS body conversion up for sale on Facebook Marketplace

1995 Audi A6 (carbuzz.com)

1995 Audi A6 (carbuzz.com)

A unique transformation of a 1995 Audi A6 into an Offbeat Buggy with modern Audi aesthetic.

Facebook Marketplace has provided a platform for an intriguing listing that captures attention – a 1995 Audi A6 that has undergone a striking transformation into a buggy with an RS body conversion. The vehicle, listed by Facebook user Karol Staniszewski, retains the C4 platform from the 1990s, which was shared with Audi models like the Audi 100. However, the buggy’s appearance has been dramatically altered through the RS body conversion, resulting in a more contemporary and visually striking Audi look.

The exterior of the car showcases its evolution, with the RS body conversion lending it a modern Audi aesthetic. The C4 platform, with its roots in the 1990s, receives a fresh and bold reinterpretation with this conversion.

In contrast, the interior maintains a more traditional look, revealing its 1995 origins. Minimal modifications are evident, with the inclusion of Takata harnesses representing one of the key changes. To enhance safety and accommodate the buggy’s off-road ambitions, the rear seats have been removed to save weight and create space for a roll cage. Unlike some stripped-down performance vehicles, the windshield remains intact.

Notable off-road features include a lift kit that provides increased ground clearance. While this modification raises the vehicle’s center of gravity, it grants improved capability when navigating challenging terrains. According to the listing, the buggy is equipped with 245/50R18 Dunlop SP Winter Sport tires.

The original power unit, a 2.8-liter 30V ACK V6, remains under the hood, generating 190 horsepower as it did from the factory. Power is efficiently distributed to all four wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox. With a weight of approximately 3,086 lbs when a quarter of the fuel tank is filled, the vehicle maintains a lightweight profile suitable for its off-road aspirations.

The listing provided intriguing details about this one-of-a-kind transformation, but it was sold for 19,900 Polish Zloty (equivalent to around $4,614 at the current exchange rates). Additionally, the location of the vehicle is Olecko, Poland. While this specific model has already found its owner, enthusiasts with a penchant for buggy conversions might consider undertaking a similar project, with the starting price for a modern-day A6 conversion estimated at $57,300.

This unique buggy transformation of a 1995 Audi A6 demonstrates the potential for automotive enthusiasts to reimagine and repurpose vehicles, breathing new life into classic platforms.