Tuned Ferrari F8 Spider packs a powerful punch with 900 horsepower

900-Horsepower Ferrari F8 (carbuzz.com)

900-Horsepower Ferrari F8 (carbuzz.com)

Exotic car dealer offers high-performance upgrades to the Ferrari F8 Spider

Ferrari’s F8 Spider is celebrated as the Italian automaker’s final non-hybrid rear mid-engine V8, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint in the power department with 710 horsepower. However, for those seeking even more power and performance from this supercar, FLC Luxury Cars of the World, an exotic car dealer, is offering a tuned F8 Spider that cranks out an astounding 900 horsepower.

While the stock F8 Spider already delivers an impressive 710 hp and 567 lb-ft of torque from its 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8, this tuned version adds a substantial 190 horsepower to the equation. Notably, this power upgrade brings it close to the 986-hp hybrid V8 setup found in the Ferrari SF-90, without the assistance of electric motors.

The impressive power boost is achieved through the installation of new turbos and a full exhaust system, significantly enhancing the car’s performance. Although the specific tuner responsible for this power upgrade remains undisclosed, the result is undoubtedly impressive.

In addition to the power increase, this F8 Spider benefits from a full carbon fiber kit provided by 1016 Industries, a Florida-based tuner that specializes in exotics. While the exact weight reduction figure remains undisclosed, the use of lightweight carbon fiber components is expected to improve acceleration and overall handling.

Visually, this F8 Spider is finished in striking Giallo Modena (yellow) paint and boasts full Satin Paint Protection Film (PPF) for added exterior protection. The bright yellow exterior is complemented by extensive carbon fiber elements, extending from the front to the rear of the vehicle. The supercar is also equipped with blacked-out wheels featuring eye-catching yellow brake calipers. The yellow and black color scheme continues inside the cabin, with Nero (black) and Giallo accents, complemented by abundant carbon fiber detailing.

Although pricing information is not provided, given the substantial upgrade package, it is expected to surpass the Ferrari F8 Spider’s MSRP, which starts at slightly over $320,000. It’s important to note that Ferrari has halted orders for the F8, making tuned variants like this one an appealing option for enthusiasts seeking more power and performance from this iconic Italian supercar.

Prospective buyers interested in this high-performance F8 Spider are encouraged to contact FLC Luxury Cars of the World directly via Instagram for inquiries and further details.