Porsche patents innovative solutions to increase EV efficiency when towing

Porsche Works Out (carbuzz.com)

Porsche Works Out (carbuzz.com)

Porsche’s new patents aim at improving Electric Vehicles’ efficiency while towing trailers.

Porsche has introduced innovative solutions to enhance electric vehicle (EV) efficiency when towing trailers. Two distinct patents, found at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, address the challenge of reducing EV range when towing, aiming to improve performance without significantly increasing costs.

The first patent outlines a concept involving a switchable countershaft to enable a unique transmission ratio optimized for towing, ensuring the EV utilizes less energy when pulling a trailer. Porsche’s solution offers a simpler and more effective way to address towing efficiency and can be installed on existing vehicles, making it accessible to both new and current EV owners.

The second patent tackles overrun brakes found in most retail trailers, which activate immediately when the towing vehicle brakes. Porsche suggests fitting the trailer with a “controllable blocking device” that communicates with the EV, enabling the trailer’s brakes to activate only when necessary, conserving kinetic energy and improving efficiency.

These innovative solutions offer practical ways to maximize the efficiency and range of Porsche’s electric vehicles, making towing more practical and economical for EV owners without the need for larger batteries and motors.

These patents may find their way into upcoming Porsche EV models, such as the electric Macan or Cayenne, in the future.