Tesla introduces colored wraps for Model Y and Model 3: Could the Cybertruck be next?

Tesla Cybertruck (autoblog.com)

Tesla Cybertruck (autoblog.com)

Tesla enthusiasts have eagerly awaited news on whether the forthcoming Cybertruck, typically associated with its stainless steel exterior, would come in color options. This anticipation may be answered as Tesla has now introduced colored wraps for its Model Y and Model 3 vehicles. While not a direct confirmation, this development suggests that the Cybertruck could potentially follow suit.


Tesla, recognized for its distinctive stainless steel construction, has unveiled colored wraps for its Model Y and Model 3.
These wraps provide customers with the ability to personalize their vehicles by applying a thin film to the exterior of each body panel.
The Model Y and Model 3, typically offered in five paint colors, can now be adorned with wraps in seven colors, including glacier blue, rose gold, and satin black.
The wraps are priced at $7,500 to $8,000, expanding the options for customization.
While Tesla has not officially announced any color variations for the Cybertruck, this move could hint at the possibility of providing color options for the long-awaited retrofuturistic pickup truck.
The stainless steel exterior of the Cybertruck can be challenging to maintain, often appearing smudgy and fingerprint-covered in prototypes. The introduction of wraps could alleviate this issue for future owners.
Tesla’s official online store now lists these wraps, potentially indicating the company’s willingness to offer more customization to its vehicles.
The Cybertruck, initially expected to arrive earlier, is set to be delivered to customers this year.
It’s important to note that the Cybertruck prototypes have been spotted using various wraps during testing, a common practice among automakers to obscure the precise design of pre-production vehicles. Tesla went as far as disguising one prototype as a Ford F-150 and another as a Toyota Tundra.

While the introduction of wraps for the Model Y and Model 3 doesn’t confirm color options for the Cybertruck, it demonstrates Tesla’s willingness to offer more customization to its vehicles and may hint at future color variations for the Cybertruck. Tesla has not provided an official comment on this matter.