Goodyear aims for maintenance-free sustainable tires by 2030

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Goodyear, the renowned tire and rubber company, has announced its commitment to develop a maintenance-free tire made entirely from sustainable materials by the year 2030. The company’s effort to advance sustainable tire technology is driven by its aspiration to reduce emissions and minimize the environmental impact of tire production and wear.


Goodyear’s managing director in South Africa, Richard Fourie, emphasizes that discussions around reducing emissions should extend beyond the transition from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric vehicles (EVs) or changes in fuel sources. He highlights that the typical automobile comprises around 30,000 components, ranging from large body panels to small screws and nuts.

In 2021, Goodyear introduced a groundbreaking tire that incorporated carbon blacks produced from methane, carbon dioxide, and plant-based oils, replacing conventional compounds used in tire manufacturing. This innovative tire also featured additional sustainable materials such as soybean oil, rice husk ash silica, and polyester sourced from recycled bottles.
Earlier in 2023, Goodyear unveiled a prototype tire made from 90% sustainable materials at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This development not only represents a significant advancement in sustainable tire technology but also exhibited lower rolling resistance compared to tires manufactured with traditional materials. Reducing rolling resistance contributes to improved fuel efficiency, which is vital for reducing the carbon footprint of the automotive industry.

A 2020 report by Emissions Analytics revealed that pollution generated from tire wear was notably higher than emissions from vehicle exhaust. Consequently, tire manufacturers like Goodyear have faced increasing pressure to address the environmental concerns related to tire wear particles and the non-environmentally friendly compounds used in tire production.
Recent amendments to Euro 7 regulations have expanded their scope to encompass non-exhaust emissions, including particles generated by a vehicle’s brakes and tires.
Goodyear is dedicated to exploring other aspects of mobility beyond powertrains and fuel sources to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly driving experience.
Goodyear’s commitment to developing maintenance-free, sustainable tires aligns with the automotive industry’s broader shift towards greener practices and lower emissions, considering the environmental impact of tire manufacturing and usage.