2024 Toyota 4Runner: Review of an enduring off-roader

2021 Toyota 4Runner (autoblog.com)

2021 Toyota 4Runner (autoblog.com)

A detailed look at pros, cons, and what’s new for 2024

The 2024 Toyota 4Runner, now in its 15th year since its last redesign, continues to hold its ground in the SUV market. While showing its age in some respects, it continues to be a cherished choice among off-road enthusiasts and families seeking rugged simplicity. Let’s explore the enduring strengths and weaknesses of this venerable model.


Rugged reliability: The 4Runner holds on toits reputation for being robust and dependable, a favorite among off-road aficionados.
Capacious cargo space: Boasting a large and versatile cargo area, the 4Runner offers ample storage capacity, even with optional features.
Off-road prowess: Its truck-based chassis, capable suspension, and generous clearances ensure impressive off-road performance.
Simplicity as a virtue: In an era of increasingly complex vehicles, the 4Runner’s straightforward design is appealing to many buyers.
Respectable interior Build: While dated, the interior is well-designed with logically placed controls, catering to those who appreciate a rugged and durable cabin.
Variants to suit preferences: The 4Runner lineup offers a range of trims, each tailored to different driving needs and preferences.

Aging powertrain: The V6 engine’s output is notably lower than competitors, contributing to sluggish performance. The five-speed automatic transmission lags behind modern counterparts.
Fuel inefficiency: With an EPA-estimated 17 mpg combined, the 4Runner falls short of modern standards for fuel economy, especially in the off-road SUV category.
Handling concerns: On-road handling is criticized for being imprecise, and off-road-oriented tires exacerbate steering issues.
Outdated interior: Despite previous updates, the cabin design and materials are considered dated for a vehicle in its price range.
Potential for replacement: Given its extended lifecycle, a new iteration of the 4Runner is anticipated, making the current model less appealing to some buyers.

What’s New for 2024: 

The 40th Anniversary Edition is being discontinued.
TRD Pro receives a new, exclusive paint color called Terra, and “Underground”, another new color, is being introduced across the lineup.
To sum it all up, the 2024 Toyota 4Runner, albeit showing its age, continues to be a compelling choice for those valuing reliability, off-road capabilities, and a straightforward driving experience.  With a new model on the horizon, however, prospective buyers may take into consideration waiting for the forthcoming iteration. In the interim, exploring used options could provide a suitable alternative for those seeking the 4Runner’s enduring appeal.