Ford patents reconfigurable seating system for child car seats

Ford recounfigurated seating image (

Ford recounfigurated seating image (

Ford has filed patents for reconfigurable seating arrangements for child car seats that use actuators to rearrange seats, making access and arrangement easier.

Ford is exploring innovative solutions for reconfigurable seating arrangements, specifically designed for child car seats, through two recently filed patent applications published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on October 3.

The patent applications describe a system that utilizes actuators to adjust and rearrange the child car seats. The system would involve mounting the seats on rails, similar to the sliding seats found in some vehicles, to enable forward and backward movement for ease of access. Additionally, the bottom cushion of the seats can pivot upwards, allowing the seats to be stacked together at one end of the cabin, thus freeing up space without the need to remove them entirely.

One key feature discussed in the applications is swiveling seats that can be turned to face the car’s door for easy car seat installation. Once properly installed, the entire seat can be swiveled to face the rear, which is the recommended position for infant car seats.

While patented ideas don’t always make it to production, reconfigurable seating solutions have been a recurring theme in Ford’s recent patent filings. In September, several patent applications from Ford featured concepts such as swiveling seats, in-bed seating, a retractable steering wheel, and an in-cab work station. The reconfigurable seating system detailed in the latest patents appears to be better suited for SUVs and family vehicles, aiming to improve the practicality and flexibility of child car seat installations and configurations.

Ford is expected to launch an all-new electric three-row SUV in 2025, designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle (EV). This clean-sheet design provides an opportunity for integrating innovative features like the swiveling child car seats, enhancing the utility and convenience of family-oriented vehicles.