Subaru teases the Sport Mobility Concept: A hint of electric enthusiast appeal

Subaru teases electric sports (

Subaru teases electric sports (

Subaru has released a tantalizing teaser image of the upcoming Sport Mobility Concept, which is expected to take center stage at the 2023 Tokyo Mobility Show. While details remain shrouded in mystery, the concept’s name suggests a focus on electrified driving enjoyment, signaling an evolution of Subaru’s sporting heritage.

The teaser image hints at a distinctive design featuring a prominent glass canopy, reminiscent of Subaru’s 1991-96 SVX model with its unique window-in-window design. The windshield area appears to incorporate an illuminated section, likely housing Subaru’s EyeSight safety sensors and cameras, which support functions like lane-keeping and pre-collision braking.

Illuminating the teaser image further reveals muscular fenders with a distinctive separation between the bodywork and cladding. These cladding elements, often displaying a hexagonal pattern, are typically seen on various Subaru models, including the WRX, and in this case, they appear to be body-colored rather than the traditional black plastic.

The front of the concept showcases slender LED headlights and rally-style lights with wide openings. The illuminated Subaru badge adorning the hood holds special significance, as it represents the Pleiades constellation, referred to as “Subaru” in Japanese.

In a time when many automakers are focusing on electric crossovers, trucks, and luxury vehicles, the Subaru Sport Mobility Concept could be a promising sign of an electric compact sports coupe designed for driving enthusiasts. The unveiling of this concept at the Tokyo Mobility Show sparks anticipation and curiosity about Subaru’s vision for electrified performance.