Mitsubishi teases electrified crossover MPV concept at Japan Mobility Show 2023

Mitsubishi’s Electrified Crossover (

Mitsubishi’s Electrified Crossover (

Mitsubishi’s adventurous minivan concept, showcasing a blend of SUV road handling and MPV comfort, hints at the potential successor to the Mitsubishi Delica D:5 with electrified powertrain capabilities.

Mitsubishi has provided an exciting glimpse of what’s in store for the Japan Mobility Show 2023 with the unveiling of a second teaser for its “electrified crossover MPV” concept. This adventure-oriented minivan may offer a sneak peek at the forthcoming successor to the aging Mitsubishi Delica D:5.

In the latest teaser, we get a look at the concept’s distinctive tail, confirming its single-box silhouette. Notable features include T-shaped LED taillights integrated into the rear glass, along with an illuminated Mitsubishi emblem. While the lower part of the bodywork remains hidden, an intriguing roof-mounted box hints at the possibility of a retractable tent or additional cargo space. The teaser also showcases brackets designed for mirror-replacing cameras. A previous teaser hinted at the concept’s 6-seater layout within a “vastly spacious cabin.”

The press release suggests that this concept aims to combine “the road handling of an SUV with the comfort and user-friendliness of an MPV” while taking a step toward a carbon-neutral society. The electrified powertrain is expected to offer a “cruising range and driving performance to handle all kinds of adventures,” suggesting a potential plug-in hybrid setup with the ability to “switch driving modes as the situation demands.” Notably, the concept will feature an electric four-wheel-drive system, ensuring off-road capability along with high ground clearance and large-diameter tires.

Although Mitsubishi hasn’t officially confirmed any production plans for the electrified crossover MPV concept, local media speculates that it could evolve into the successor of the aging Delica D:5, as the current fifth-generation model has seen limited changes since 2007, making it a suitable candidate for a fresh, ground-up design.

In addition to this exciting concept, Mitsubishi is also set to showcase a second concept at the Tokyo show, developed in collaboration with Lifehub Inc.3, a startup specializing in next-gen mobility chairs. The “Last 1 Mile Mobility” concept is a compact, fully electric mobility vehicle resembling a buggy, offering space for a rider and a passenger. It sources its energy from used batteries taken from electrified vehicles. Mitsubishi’s Japan Mobility Show 2023 lineup will further include the new Triton/L200, a rally version replica that participated in the Asia Cross Country Rally, alongside the Delica D:5 support vehicle, and a range of its current production vehicles, such as the Outlander PHEV, Eclipse Cross PHEV, Delica Mini, and eK X EV.