SUVs with sliding doors: A rare and practical feature

Rolls-Royce of SUVs

Rolls-Royce of SUVs

Sliding doors, well-known for their practicality and ease of access, have gained popularity in the van and minivan segments. They offer several benefits, such as convenient access in tight parking spaces, particularly in vehicles with seven seats. Despite their advantages, sliding doors remain less common on SUVs, which are among the most popular family vehicles. There are, however exceptions, with a few SUVs featuring sliding doors to enhance their practicality. Let’s explore the rare SUVs that offer sliding doors:

Toyota Century SUV:

The new Toyota Century SUV, although not a factory option, can be customized with rear sliding doors.
These doors have a unique rear-mounted hinge design that allows discreet rearward opening, avoiding the need for excessive space along a rail.
This feature is found in a Century GRMN SUV, providing a luxurious and distinct way to access the interior.

Kia Carnival:

Technically a minivan, the Kia Carnival features sliding doors and SUV styling elements, creating a crossover appearance.
It offers an upright front fascia, robust bumper designs, masculine roof rails, and a truck-based SUV-like C-pillar design element.
While considered a minivan, the Carnival offers practicality, robust towing capacity, and potential for an X-Line trim with rugged styling.
The Call for More SUVs with Sliding Doors:
Sliding doors provide several advantages, including practicality, space efficiency, and the ability to avoid opening doors into nearby vehicles. These benefits are particularly appealing in SUVs, as they offer the extra room needed to make sliding doors work effectively. Luxury SUVs, in particular, could benefit from power sliding doors, enhancing their elegance and ease of entry and exit.

While the future of sliding doors in the SUV segment remains uncertain, their practicality is undeniable. As minivan styling continues to evolve to cater to crossover preferences, it’s possible that sliding doors may become more common in the segment. Nevertheless, the widespread replacement of conventional swing doors in SUVs is unlikely to occur anytime soon.

SUVs with sliding doors continue to be a rare and practical feature that could enhance owners and passenger’s overall driving experience.