Jaguar bids farewell to the F-Type with limited-run 2024 ZP Edition

2024 Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition (

2024 Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition (

Jaguar Unveils the F-Type ZP Edition as a limited-run model to conclude the F-Type lineup

Jaguar is preparing to say goodbye to the F-Type, and it’s giving this beloved sports car a memorable send-off in the form of the 2024 F-Type ZP Edition. With only 150 units planned for production during the 2024 model year, the F-Type ZP Edition represents a final tribute to this iconic model.

The name “ZP Edition” pays homage to Jaguar’s racing heritage and is a callback to the first race-winning “Project ZP” E-Type vehicles that competed immediately after the E-Type’s debut in 1961. This limited edition is available in two unique specifications for potential buyers to choose from. The first features Oulton Blue exterior paint paired with a striking red and black interior, while the second option offers Crystal Grey paint with a captivating blue and black interior. Both models feature Porcelain White hand-painted racing-style roundels on the doors, adding an extra touch of exclusivity. It’s worth noting that neither of the two exterior paint options has been offered on the F-Type until now.

The heart of the F-Type ZP Edition is the potent 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine, delivering a formidable 575 horsepower. This limited edition model maintains the thrilling performance and capabilities that F-Type enthusiasts have come to appreciate. Buyers can opt for either the coupe or convertible body style, each coming with a set of distinctive 20-inch forged wheels. These wheels feature “ZP” etching and house black-painted calipers for a sporty and sophisticated appearance.

In addition to the unique exterior paint choices and wheel design, the F-Type ZP Edition features ZP Edition branding throughout the vehicle. You’ll find the “ZP Edition” logo on the fenders, sill plates, and dashboard, reminding drivers and passengers that they’re experiencing a rare and special version of this iconic sports car. Inside the cabin, each F-Type ZP Edition will proudly display a “One of 150” SV Bespoke plaque, reinforcing its limited-run status.

While Jaguar has not disclosed specific pricing details for the F-Type ZP Edition, it’s clear that this limited production model will be in high demand among collectors and sports car enthusiasts. If you aspire to own one of these 150 exclusive F-Type ZP Edition models, it’s advisable to reach out to a Jaguar dealer as soon as possible. The 2024 F-Type ZP Edition promises to be a fitting and memorable farewell to an era of Jaguar’s sports car heritage.